Feast on the Fraser is excited to announce the Fraser Valley as our 2017 Flavour Sponsor! Event hosts are encouraged to be inspired by the fresh and local ingredients found in the Fraser Valley. 

Located just east of Vancouver and wedged between the Coast and Cascade Mountain Ranges, the Fraser Valley is a mix of relaxing countryside and rugged backcountry beauty. But dig deeper beyond the gorgeous valley views to discover a wealth of excitement. Paraglide from soaring mountain peaks, snag a sturgeon on the mighty Fraser River, hike amongst giant Douglas Fir trees, or camp under the stars next to a roaring river.

Home to the largest agricultural region in British Columbia, the Fraser Valley is the best place to absorb those authentic farm fresh experiences. Discover Vancouver’s wine region and sample the distinctive Fraser Valley varieties, or get lost in berry patches and apple orchards before stopping at a local farmer’s market. Take in the various farm-to-plate dining options, and make sure to sample the many local beers brewed with hops grown right in the Fraser Valley – Canada’s hop growing capital.

Less than an hour drive from Vancouver, the Fraser Valley is wild and untamed, yet honest and wholesome. Come feel the rush, forge your path, and discover the great wide open.

It’s time to make the journey your destination. We’ll see you in the valley!

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